Can I use an acoustic piano in the SYNKii Classroom?

Acoustic pianos
Updated 7 months ago

You can use an acoustic piano in the SYNKii classroom, but you won't benefit from our interactive features.

The SYNKii Classroom uses technology that synchronises MIDI signals so you can play together in real-time. 

So if you want real-time audio and visual feedback so you know what you and your partner are playing, you'll have to use a digital keyboard or piano. 

Although you can't play in real-time with acoustic pianos (yet), you do get:

  • Faster peer-to-peer video connection than other apps such as Zoom.
  • In-built metronome to help you keep in time.
  • Flexible classroom layout that you can customise for your needs.
  • Collaborative notation, through the power of


For more information on getting started, load up our SYNKii Checklist. ✅

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