Quickstart Checklist

The ultimate guide to getting started with SYNKii
Updated 7 months ago

Check each item off in our quickstart checklist for the best experience using the SYNKii Classroom. ✅

What you will need to get started with SYNKii:

✅ Desktop computer 🖥️  or laptop 💻 

  • SYNKii also works on mobile! But you won't have access to all our awesome features and collaborative tools. 

✅ Internet Connection 🌐

  • Either WiFi or through LAN cable (if you are experiencing noticeable lag)

✅ Web browser 

  • Works best with Chrome, but that's up to you ;)

✅ Webcam, Microphone and Wired Headphones

  • Bluetooth headphones increase latency, so we recommend using wired headphones or earphones. 
  • We have disabled sound cancellation so both teacher and student can give live feedback without muting each other.

✅ Digital piano or MIDI keyboard

✅ MIDI to USB cable 

  • Check which MIDI cable is suitable for your digital piano.
  • For more information, check out our guide to MIDI cables here. 

✅ Disable your VPN to allow a peer-to-peer connection 

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