How much does SYNKii cost?

How much you will pay for a SYNKii monthly subscription online music tutors
Updated 3 months ago

14-Day Free Trial

Everyone gets a 14-day free trial for SYNKii when they sign up.

This lets you try out all classroom features and see how everything works before you commit to a monthly subscription. 

No credit card is required! 

Sign up for your free trial now and start exploring the SYNKii Classroom for online music lessons.

SYNKii Monthly Subscription

For only £4.99 per month, you can have unlimited lessons with unlimited students.

That's less than a Zoom pro subscription, and you get:

  • Synchronised virtual piano to keep in time with your students 🎹
  • Fast and secure peer-to-peer video connection 👥
  • Collaborative notation editor, with the power of 🎶

    ➕ so much more!

Learn how to upgrade your account here

SYNKii Organisation 

We also offer bespoke packages for larger organisations, academies, and schools.

Including white-labelled products that integrate seamlessly with your existing digital ecosystem.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and see how SYNKii can make your online music lessons more efficient. 

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