What type of keyboard can I use?

Using MIDI keyboards and digital pianos in the SYNKii Classroom.
Updated 7 months ago

To get the best out of the SYNKii Classroom, you need to use a keyboard, MIDI controller, or digital piano.

For the keyboard to work in the classroom, it must have a:

- USB port


- Two MIDI ports labelled MIDI IN and MIDI OUT.

These ports will enable the keyboard to send MIDI signals to SYNKii to track what you're playing.

Most keyboards come in four standard sizes:

  • 49 keys
  • 61 keys
  • 72 keys
  • 88 keys.

While a keyboard with 88 keys will most resemble a real piano (real pianos have 88 keys), a 49-key keyboard is all you’ll need to play our Rookie and Intermediate songs and lessons.

Many of our Advanced songs can also be played on a 49-key keyboard. However, a few of them require a 61-key keyboard.

For more info on connecting your device, head here
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