Will my Yamaha Disklavier hybrid piano work in the SYNKii Classroom?

Yamaha Disklavier (Hybrid) Pianos
Written by Liam
Updated 1 month ago

Yes, you can use your Yamaha Disklavier piano in the SYNKii Classroom!

Follow the connection steps outlined here to connect your Disklavier to your computer or laptop.

If your Disklavier is not being recognised in the SYNKii Classroom, head to our troubleshooting section for help.

If your Disklavier is still not recognised after following these steps, please check your Disklavier user manual to understand the flow of MIDI signals from the unit.

In most instances, you will need to adjust a specific setting or switch to enable MIDI out signals to be sent from the unit.

If you are having difficulties understanding your Disklavier, please contact Yamaha's support team for assistance.

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