SYNKii Student Checklist

How to get ready for your lessons with SYNKii
Updated 1 year ago

Before beginning the SYNKii program, it is important to make sure that each student is properly set up. Check off each item in our quickstart checklist for the best experience using the SYNKii Classroom. ✅

✅ Choose your device.

Please use a desktop or laptop computer for the best experience

✅ Internet Connection

Ensure your internet is stable and at least 20mb/s download. Click here to check your internet speed

✅ Browser

SYNKii is compatible with all browsers but works best with Google Chrome

✅ Webcam, microphone and wired headphones

Bluetooth headphones increase latency, so we recommend using wired headphones or earphones.

We have disabled sound cancellation so teachers and students can give live feedback without muting each other.

✅ Piano

If you play the piano, get the best experience by connecting a digital piano via USB/MIDI. Most digital pianos have this functionality 🙂

✅ Disable VPN

Please ensure you have disabled your VPN; otherwise, you will not be able to connect with your teacher

✅ Calm environment

Please ensure the student is located in an area suitable for study with minimal distractions.

We are always here if you need help. Please click on the chat icon in the bottom left corner to get in touch!

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